About Us

In the spring of 2002, a mutual love for music and culture drove a couple of individuals to harness the talents of Rutgers’ student body to create the nation’s first co-ed South Asian a cappella group.

Rutgers RAAG is an award-winning co-ed South Asian fusion a cappella group in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Throughout the year, we perform at invitationals and competitions at other universities all over the nation, as well as at our home campus of Rutgers University. California, Boston, North Carolina, and Virginia are only some places we’ve traveled to perform.

The term RAAG is not only an acronym for our group, but is also derived from the ancient Sanskrit term “raag” or “raga”. Though the term mainly describes the musical mode of Indian classical music, it encompasses much more than that. The term also emphasizes the color, passion, and beauty that is involved with composing music. We strive to blend classical Indian elements with Western composition techniques in order to bring an altogether unique sound.